Transaction Memo UPB Location Collateral Type Assets Performance Indicative Bid Date Final Bid Date Seller
1Q24 - $11.6mm
Bulk Pools
$11,634,404 Nationwide Business Assets, CRE 25 Performing
CRE – Fee Simple $7,386,179 Various Retail 6 Performing 03/26/2024 04/16/2024
CRE – Leasehold Interest $2,179,225 Various Retail 2 Performing 03/26/2024 04/16/2024
UCC $2,069,000 Various Business Assets 17 Performing 03/26/2024 04/16/2024
2Q_$58mm CRE
Individual Asset(s)
$57,998,613 NJ, CT, NY Golf Course, Mixed Use, Multifamily, Retail 10 Performing
1Q24: Jax Multi
Individual Asset(s)
$4,622,731 Jacksonville, FL Multifamily 1 Non-Performing
REO - TX Land
Individual Asset(s)
[REO] San Antonio Land 1 REO
2Q24_Land Sale
Individual Asset(s)
[REO] Del Valle, TX Land, Multifamily 1 REO
HVLS 2024-2
Individual Asset(s)
$161,224,434 Nationwide Residential 1,208 Non-Performing
HVLS 2024-2 May $0 0 05/07/2024
1Q24 - $15.1mm
$15,141,757 Nashville Metro Area Skilled Nursing Facility 2 Payment / Maturity Default
1Q24 - Odessa
Individual Asset(s)
[REO] Odessa Hospitality 1 Asset
Individual Asset(s)
$23,795,429 San Francisco Office 1 Maturity Default
1Q24 - $124mm
Pool(s) and Individual Asset(s)
$51,575,072 Nationwide Commercial Development Land, Commercial Land, Lots, and Buildings, CRE 15 Bankruptcy, Default, Foreclosure, Performing (Substandard), Sub-Performing
4Q23 $9.9mm MF
Pool(s) and Individual Asset(s)
$9,894,000 New York Multifamily 5 Bankruptcy, Foreclosure
Individual Asset(s)
[REO] San Antonio Office 1 Asset
Pilot Loans
Bulk Portfolio
$7,000,000 Nationwide Unsecured 219 Performing
NJ Development
Individual Asset(s)
$9,000,000 Morristown, New Jersey CRE 1 Asset
Individual Asset(s)
$11,840,164 Harrisburg, PA Office 1 Non-Performing, Pending Deed-in-Lieu
$30mm IL SNF
Individual Asset(s)
$30,392,565 Norridge, IL Skilled Nursing Facility 1 Performing (Near-term Maturity)
Individual Asset(s)
$32,006,528 Texas Hospitality 3 Performing
San Fran SRO
[REO] San Francisco, CA Real Estate 1 REO
$7.5mm Mezz
Individual Asset(s)
$7,500,000 Troy, MI Office 1 Performing
Individual Asset(s)
$18,657,112 Ohio Assisted Living, Memory Care Facility, Senior Housing 1 Performing
Individual Asset(s)
$2,673,086 Minnesota Special Use 1 REO
1Q24 - $35.9mm
Individual Asset(s)
$35,871,603 NJ, WI, LA Medical Office, Multifamily, Retail 3 Maturity Default, Performing
1Q24 - $27mm
Pool(s) and Individual Asset(s)
$26,981,431 Florida CRE, Multifamily, Residential 35 Performing
Full Portfolio $26,981,431 Various Various 35 Various Closed Closed
1Q24 - TX Hotel
Individual Asset(s)
$8,881,338 Fort Worth Hospitality 1 Performing
4Q23_$2.7mm SBC
Bulk Portfolio
$2,658,339 Nationwide Retail, Office, Multifamily, Mixed Use 17 Performing, Non-Performing, Foreclosure
Portfolio $2,658,339 Various Various 17 Various Closed Closed
$9,600,046 Austin, TX Office 1 Performing
Individual Asset(s)
$8,974,834 DC Metro (Beltsville, MD) Office 1 Non-Performing, Payment / Maturity Default
Individual Asset(s)
$107,516,231 Northeast Retail, Office, Multifamily, Mixed Use, Religious Facility, Condominium, Industrial / Warehouse 53 Performing
Pool(s) and Individual Asset(s)
$20,972,110 Nashville, Kansas City, St. Petersburg Office 3 Performing
Individual Asset(s)
$5,703,000 Brooklyn, NY Multifamily 2 Non-Performing, Foreclosure
3Q23 Yacht Club
$15,097,549 St. Petersburg Marina 1 Default, Bankruptcy
Individual Asset(s)
$3,584,379 Bridgeport, CT Parking Garage Portfolio 1 Performing
2Q23 - $5.2mm
Pool(s) and Individual Asset(s)
$5,177,616 Northeast Office, C&I, Mixed Use, SBA 5 Performing, Sub-Performing, Non-Performing
Bulk Portfolio
$2,317,174 New York City C&I, Medallion 14 Performing, Sub-Performing
$28mm LI NPL
Individual Asset(s)
$27,981,646 Long Island, NY 1 Non-Performing
1Q23 - $13.8mm
Pool(s) and Individual Asset(s)
$13,763,503 New York City Multifamily, Unsecured, Senior Housing 7 Performing, Payment / Maturity Default
Individual Asset(s)
$9,529,334 South Carolina Hospitality 1 Performing
Individual Asset(s)
$7,318,197 Greater Los Angeles Area, Chicago Retail, Religious Facility, CRE 6 Performing
Bulk Pools
$447,326,556 New York Tri-State Area C&I, CRE 76 Performing
Pool A-C&I $9,786,658 Various 5 Performing Closed Closed
Pool B-C&I $17,353,628 Various 3 Performing Closed Closed
Pool A-CRE $277,853,204 Various Various 41 Performing Closed Closed
Pool B-CRE $106,198,163 Various Various 18 Performing Closed Closed
Pool B - In the Park $36,134,905 Various Various 9 Performing Closed Closed
Bulk Pools
$33,029,983 Nationwide SBA, Business Assets, CRE 92 Performing, Non-Performing
SBA Pool $6,267,092 Various C&I 80 Various Closed Closed
Non-SBA Pool $26,762,892 Various Various 12 Various Closed Closed